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i  am excited to embark on this amazing opportunity to manage a clinic in my home church and provide healthcare services to the community of Garden City. Not only have I found this community to be exceptionally supportive, but I've also witnessed this city to be a place that lives out the concept of loving your neighbor. I've been a registered nurse for over 16 years and a Family Nurse Practitioner for 10 years.  I've enjoyed working in many areas as both a RN and a Nurse Practitioner, however, family practice and urgent care have been my preferred practice setting.

The opportunity to volunteer and provide care, compassion and prayer has been the most fulfilling experience in healthcare to date.  

As we continue to grow, our services offered will as well. For the short term, we are limited to mostly an urgent care setting, but plan to work diligently through fundraising and credentialing with health insurance to assist in funding expansion of services for the clinic while continuing to stay free to the patient.  As this is rolled out, we will expand the services offered as quickly as possible. We appreciate the support and encouragement received from this community and welcome any suggestions for how to improve our process.  

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